TWD Season 4, Episode 6

Well this was an interesting episode.  We see none of the group at the prison and the writers likely will have most folks in a state of recovery when we see them again.  (Let’s hope.)  Last night we saw the Governor again but he’s not really the Governor anymore.  He has taken on a new identity as Brian Heriot, and a new crew to take care of including a young girl that no doubt is a Penny replacement.  He appears with his two henchmen in the beginning but they quickly decide to leave him behind.  Next, we see him scruffy and at the end of his rope basically waiting to die.  He stumbles across this group hold up in an apartment building.  Two women, their ailing dad and a little girl.  The dad dies, then re-animates then gets smashed in the head by the Gov of course.  This scares the other folks but they get a quick zombie 101 education and move past it.  The little girl entrusts him, then rejects him, then runs to him again.  No doubt he is reliving Penny all over again.  He seems to be changed, helping them a lot and then leading them out of the apartment.  To where, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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