TWD Season 4, Episode 7


Well, the Governor is back! No, no I know what you’re thinking he came back two episodes ago. Well, not really. This time, the true Governor is back. After being saved by Martinez and seeing how the group was surviving, and being asked to share some of the leadership role, VOILA! He returns! He clubs (literally) Martinez in the head and feeds him to walkers in a pit then he simply can’t abide the new emerging leadership so he kills Pete and makes him the first exhibit in his new and improved zombie aquarium. And before you know it, the Gov is back in full form! Interesting to see how he tried, really tried, to suppress his inner Gov and become someone different, but it seems the zombie apocalypse has other plans for him. He just won’t trust anyone else to protect the people he deems in his care and in his own twisted way he thinks he is the only man for the job. Ultimately, this all leads him to plan a second siege on the prison. Wow, this guy really never learns. I found it an interesting commentary on human nature, though. Sometimes we have things in our life, bad habits, dysfunctional relationships etc. that we try to pull away from but often they seem to suck us right back to them. Sad, really, but not as sad as what’s about to happen! We’ll see what happens next week!

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