An Irresistible New Friend Followed Me Home!

For reasons I cannot explain the Ruger Mark II bug has bit me hard. Over the years, I’ve had a few 22/45s and I even had a Slab Side Govt. target model, but for one reason or another I let them sail down the river. A few years ago a friend was looking to sell a gun and out of two he chose from he asked me which one he should sell. He had a stainless Mark II and a Walther P22. He didn’t really want to sell the Ruger as it had some sentimental value. I told him to definitely keep the Ruger and let the P22 go! As a matter of fact I helped sell it for him! Anyway, ever since then I wanted one. I had forgotten how neat they really are. The grip profile, the euro style mag release, the heavy contour barrel, Mmmmmm, they sure are sexy! Anyway, I found a like new one on GB and bid on it. The price kept heading up and ultimately I lost in the last few minutes to someone (a dealer of all folks) whose pockets were deeper than mine. A bit disgruntled but not discouraged, I went to the classifieds section of RFC and there she was! A blued beauty, not stainless but virtually NIB with two mags, and at a great price I just couldn’t resist. Thanks to another RFC’er I was tipped off to a Black Friday sale at CDNN and now have 3 factory mags on the way to round out the number to 5. Just right for steel challenge! Here she is!



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2 thoughts on “An Irresistible New Friend Followed Me Home!

  1. You’ll have a whole lot of fun with that one Wheelgun, sweet pistols.

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