TWD Season 4, Episode 8

WHOA! What an episode! An amazing episode for the mid-season finale! And while we bid a sorrowful farewell to our friend Herschel, we rejoice (at least I do) in the final passing of the Governor. First he and Rick have it out and just before Rick comes up short, Mischone thrusts herself into the situation (yes, pun intended) and ends the Governor’s terror filled reign with her beloved Katana which incidentally was the same instrument that ended Herschel’s life albeit wielded poorly by the Governor. Mischone leaves him to suffer, die and turn, but sweet, exploited Lilly, who has now lost Megan and finally figured out the Gov is a sleazeball can’t resist putting him down for good. I wonder if Lilly and her sister will reappear and end up joining the group? Maybe Rick and Lilly? Hmm, not sure. The group is ultimately scattered after fleeing the now defunct prison, Judith’s fate is left unknown, Daryl wasn’t happy about Carol but before he and Rick could tell the rather angry Tyrese the prison was attacked. Now what about that dissected rabbit? I’m thinking ole’ Bob is our crazy rabbit cutting, rat feeding nut job but I’m not sure. What do you think?

Maybe February will reveal it all. We’ll see!

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2 thoughts on “TWD Season 4, Episode 8

  1. Anna Kelley

    I still am feeling unsure about the little girl who lead the child militia and saved Tyrese. I think she’s the new psycho. She’s been very weird these past episodes.

    • wheelieg

      She is unhinged I’ll give you that and she was crying when “Chuck” the zombie died outside of the fence so not sure, but I’m sticking with Bob. Opening up a rabbit and tacking it to a board is a bit much for someone her age I think. What if it was Carl? 🙂

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