A Random Thought

Let us imagine for a moment, that each round of ammunition fired is like a kilobyte of information and your brain is like a super computer.

Now I know what you are thinking, I’ve lost it, but please, don’t give up on me just yet, let me explain.

First we must establish that the human brain is like a super computer uploading information everyday, some stored in memory, some used like RAM where it sits for a time, is used then is erased or removed to make way for new quick use information ultimately to be dumped as well. Sort of short term memory vs. long term memory.

Secondly we establish that each round of ammunition is a kilobyte of data, because in effect it is information. It tells us about how we are shooting, therefore the next logical supposition is that the gun is like a flash drive, storing the data (ammo) for uploading. If we are shooting in some kind of match and the round count is 120 rds. then the flash drive is effectively a 120 KB drive.

I know, I know, just be patient I’m getting there.

So if practice improves your skills, and we all know it does, regardless of your chosen sport, in this case shooting, then with every shot you fire, you improve your shooting skills ever so slightly. Each round that is fired is a small amount of information. Because what does the fired bullet tell us? A lot really! It can tell us how well we are shooting. The bullet tells us if we jerked the trigger, it tells us if we fired the shot when the sights were not aligned with the target, it can tell us if perhaps we need to change our grip, or it tells us if that ammo is properly suited to that gun and so on. If you imagine the cartridge is stored data then firing it, is uploading that data to your brain. It can be equated to a new software upgrade waiting to be loaded onto your computer. So if you have 10,000 rds of ammunition sitting around waiting to be fired it’s not really doing you any good, except maybe making you feel good because you have a stockpile. However, if you shoot all that ammo you sacrifice your stockpile but upload all of that data to your brain; learning and therefore improving your mental shooting software i.e. becoming a better shooter.

So in effect each cartridge is like a kilobyte of data transferred one at a time from the firearm that acts like a flash drive, storing the data, into the multi-terabyte computer that is your brain, modifying or rather updating the shooting software of your mind with new information.

I know, it’s weird, I’m weird, but this is the kind of crap that floats through my brain.


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2 thoughts on “A Random Thought

  1. Ray C

    That’s not a crazy concept at all. If you read about the growth of myelin on the brain through practicing skills, this is kind of a reasonable parallel!

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