TWD Season 4, Episode 9 – And We’re Back!


Season 4 second half opener was last night and wow did we come back and come back hard! The prison is flaming history and done for good and the crew is separated and scattered all about. Carl gets his verbal licks in on ole’ Rick, while Rick is passed out from the now cranially challenged Governor’s beat down. Naturally, Carl does what all teens do, they wait until their parents can’t hear them then they curse them out. Carl, however, living in the zombie apocalypse decides to take it a few steps further and almost gets eaten twice but manages to escape each time then almost has to shoot Rick when he thinks he might be a zombie. There the epiphany occurs and he realizes he does in fact love his old man and would rather not be without him. Besides how could he ever win “Zombie Apocalypse Kid of the Year” if he shot his mom AND his dad. I mean come on?

We get a little insight into Mischone’s past and she ultimately realizes being alone sucks and she’d rather be hangin’ with some of the crew than out on her own again. This of course after some awesome flashbacks and serious zombie slaying on the edge of her beloved Tachi. Nope, folks I don’t think it’s a katana it’s much too large for that, looks like a Tachi war sword to me. Regardless she’s a bad ass with a blade and zombies within a four foot radius pay a serious price for their proximity. Was interesting to see her past brought out though. A son, then her lover and brother who famously appeared with her at her introduction as the two armless, jawless pet zombies on chains. Her character now shows a little humanity long absent until now. Good to see, good to see. So now that that’s out of the way, her and Rick? Hmm? Maybe? I’m thinking so. 😉


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