Anschutz 1451 as a Liberty Training Rifle

Recently I purchased an Anschutz 1451 rifle. I also recently joined the RWVA, as noted in a previous post. They put on the Appleseed events and through experience have determined what characteristics make up the perfect rifle for their purpose. Those rifles are referred to as Liberty Training Rifles. Before even firing my new-to-me Anschutz (or even buying it!) I decided it should be turned into a Liberty Training Rifle. I saw it in the store on a Friday and thought about it all weekend and after some research I determined it was possible to make it into a LTR, I returned on Monday and bought it just for that purpose.


I ordered Tech Sights to go on the gun but since they don’t have a model made specifically for the 1451 I had to order the closest thing I could. Unfortunately, it will require modification to install, specifically the rifle will need to be drilled and tapped for both the front and rear sight.


Oddly enough the rifle’s previous owner elected to change the factory front and rear sight to a Remington style set. Why? I’m not sure, but I guess he or she thought it was a good idea, making it look like a bit more like a classic full size rifle. The job was done well with no permanent or adverse effects so that’s a good thing. I however am not a fan but thankfully the sights are easy to remove.



The rifle will need to be drilled and tapped on the rear of the receiver and one of the two drilled holes at the muzzle (the posterior one) will need to be drilled out and re-tapped for a different thread. Sling swivels will be added, the rifle will be thoroughly cleaned and the trigger optimized as best as possible, the appropriate sling added and this gun will be ready to go!

Final question: Is it somehow wrong to turn a German made rifle into an American Liberty Training Rifle? Is it somehow disrespectful? Or perhaps just a kick in the proverbial pants to the Germans? Who knows? Either way I’m doing it. Anschutz makes a good rifle and by all accounts the 1451 is an accurate little gun. Perhaps not as much as the 64 or legendary 54 actions but accurate none the less. I suppose we shall see. Stay tuned to watch the progression.

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