TWD Season 4, Episode 10

Paul Harvey used to say, “Now you know the rest of the story…” but I say, “now you’ve seen the rest of the group.” Daryl and Beth open the show with her recalling her journal entries from when they arrived at the prison. She’s forced to motivate Daryl as he seems lost in his grief and confusion but they move on searching for the others and yes, bad-ass Daryl wipes out some walkers. What show would be complete without? Judith is alive, carried about by one very nervous Tyrese, the girls help out but Lizzie seems to have a little issue with little rabbits and little people, we’ll see where that goes. Mika ain’t gonna make it, enough said. Judith is alive! Did I mention that? Carol re-appears and there is some initial concern as to whether or not Tyrese is going to tear her to pieces and feed her to the walkers. See she doesn’t know, if he knows, that she is the one who burned his one true love, ultimately, she keeps her calm, realizing he doesn’t know and she rejoins the group and they all head for a place called, Terminus. Where is that and what does that mean? Hmmm. Maggie hangs with Bob and Sasha and finds the bus. After emptying it of the once live, former residents of the prison recently turned zombie and realizing Glenn wasn’t among them she, well, we don’t know what happens with them next, not yet anyway. Glenn wakes up at the prison, armors up and makes a run through a horde of flesh eaters that would make a grid iron lineman proud. He finds Tara and they find some new folks, some Sgt. guy. In the words of David Essex, “Where do we go from here?” (And by the way in case I didn’t mention it, Judith is alive.)

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