TWD Season 4, Episode 11

Ok, so we soldier on, literally. Glenn and Tara are “voluntarily abducted” by a new character, Sgt Abraham Ford. Seems like a nice guy but when Glenn decides he’s not having any of the Sgts. “save the world” pie and embarks out on his own to try and find Maggie, the Sarge takes umbrage to the idea, fisticuffs ensue and the zombies show up. Eugene, the so called scientist, unaware of how to use a gun properly even after 18 months of the ZA, shoots up their only transportation. Now I don’t know about you but the idea that this guy is some sort of scientist doesn’t pass muster with me. The scruffy clothes, the mullet, a scientist? I’m not convinced. Keep your eye on this guy, something ain’t right. Nevertheless, zombies dispatched, vehicle destroyed, they all follow Glenn back toward Maggie. Did I mention a new latina gun totin’ hottie tagging along? Ay Carumba!

Rick takes a nap only to be awakened by a group of bandits. Hiding out, killing one and leaving him to turn helps him get away and warn Mischone and Carl before they arrive back at the house. Mischone, the new and improved version, is fast becoming besties with Carl. They scavenge their way through the little town they are in, she opens up about her past and besides some nifty canned cheese they find a suicide tomb filled with a family who chose not to ride out the ZA gleefully with a smile on their face. Ultimately, like Carol and her little group, they end up on their way to Terminus.

That about sums up this episode. Next week I believe they will revisit Beth and Daryl and maybe we’ll see Maggie, Bob and Sasha again. Or not.

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