TWD Season 4, Episode 12


OK. This was not the most barn burning, rip roaring episode we have seen this season or any season for that matter. I do believe, however it was a necessary episode as some important things are revealed. Additionally, it was a unique episode in that for the full hour we only track two of the main characters.

First, we see Beth, trying to come into her own and barely making it. Her quest for “a drink” is nothing more than a mission in an otherwise dull environment void of anything to do but simply survive. Daryl, saves her butt again and again by smashing zombies as only Daryl can, with golf clubs, and his crossbow. I think ultimately toward the end we see Daryl crack open a bit and let a little emotion flow, no doubt helped along by the copious amounts of moonshine he consumed. He feels responsible for the group and for things that happened and wishes he could have done something more about it. Beth tries comforting him and the two have sort of a breakthrough after a screaming match filled with emotion. We learn Daryl was doing pretty much nothing before the ZA and he may be one of the only people left in the world whose situation was actually improved by the ZA.

Normally, I don’t comment on the actors performances in these posts, just stick to recapping the events of the episode, but I think it bears mentioning here that the two actors, Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney did an excellent job. Norman in particular as he brings the anger and frustration of Daryl to light very well without cracking the character to do so.

Well done you two! Next week looks to be getting back to Maggie and crew as well as some others. Hang on folks, its about to get interesting again!

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