TWD Season 4, Episode 13

Well this certainly was a much more active episode! Essentially, Maggie is still maniacally seeking out Glenn, Bob finally lays lips on Sasha and they end up slaying some Zoms and then all head toward Terminus. We get a quick glimpse of Glenn when he reaches a Terminus sign and so essentially we now have the whole group except Daryl and Beth on their way to Terminus. Now, as for Daryl and Beth there’s some not so good news. While it looked like they were headed toward admitting some possibly romantic feelings for one another the zombies burst through the door. No doubt sent there by somebody as there were quite a few and they arrived rather suddenly. The two fight and run, only to escape to the road where Beth is kidnapped by an unknown party driving a old Cadillac. Daryl tries to pursue on foot but gives out at a three way crossroads. Now the interesting part, he is approached by the same guys that Rick encountered in the house an episode or so back. Ultimately he decides, I believe reluctantly, to join them. I hate to see this. Daryl worked so hard to overcome his past only to be sucked back to it by having to rejoin a group that would have welcomed his old brother, Merle. Hopefully, he can survive with his new persona intact and get back to the group. Hang tough DARYL! Oh yeah, and Beth too.

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