TWD Season 4, Episode 14


Whoa! What an episode. So much happened here. Very intense. We spend the episode with Carol, Tyrese, and the girls. They find a nice little house back in the woods near a pond and set up a temporary residence. Things are so nice, they actually consider settling down there. But as you might expect, things don’t stay that way. Lizzie begins to unravel and a battle with some crispy walkers ensues where she finally shoots one or two. It’s after that we really get to see the depth and severity of Lizzie’s issues as they culminate in her slaying her own sister, Mika just to show that walkers can be your friend. Fortunately, Judith was spared but only because Carol and Tyrese arrived before she could do it. Tyrese and Carol are left with the awful decision of executing her and Carol sadly follows through. Throughout the episode Carol has multiple opportunities to tell Tyrese about killing Karen and David but she refrains. At the end after she has dispatched Lizzie she confesses and accepts whatever Tyrese will do. I was shocked, but he choses to forgive her. The morning comes and they head to Terminus.

It keeps getting better, only two episodes left this season!

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2 thoughts on “TWD Season 4, Episode 14

  1. Sgt Dork

    not fair. I can’t read this yet, I haven’t watched the show.

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