TWD Season 4, Episode 15

The action picks up in this episode. We get a new view of Daryl’s group and how Joe runs the crew with an odd set of rules which sort of work. Daryl reluctantly appears to be adapting even if just for a short time. Not to mention a bit of a setup for a coming conflict between Joe and Rick. Speaking of which, we get a brief glimpse of Rick, Mischone and Carl headed to Terminus, and Rick looks like he’s healing pretty well. Glenn is relentless in his pursuit of Maggie and it invariably pays off. After entering a caved in train tunnel with Tara, and fighting off Zombies some trapped in the cave in others not, Maggie et. al., come to their rescue. The reunion is sweet and I’m sure every viewer was relieved to see them back together as I was. The group continues on to Terminus and we see a lone resident there. Frankly, I’m suspicious. I think she’s crazy, and I predict she’s a cannibal. Maybe even the one who snatched Beth. I hope not, but she ain’t right and it’s gonna be scary. One episode left! Here we go!

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