TWD Season 4, Episode 16 – Season 4 Finale!


Well it’s over, season 4, I mean, and wow what a closer! We see the demise of Joe and company, not including Daryl of course. In the process he’s reunited with Rick, Carl and Mischone but Joe and the other guys don’t fare so well. We see the depths of depravity of which they are willing to sink, and Rick makes them pay in spectacular fashion. He bites out Joe’s throat ala Zombie style and then stabs Carl’s would be rapist until he has more holes in him than a Connect Four game board. Rick and Daryl share an important moment when Rick tells Daryl he’s his brother and the group moves on to Terminus. Now, that’s a whole other story in it self! Rick, being careful and suspicious as he often is, sneaks into the facility with the others and after suspicious introductions he cleverly spots items belonging to his old friends, Maggie, Glenn, etc. He confronts the Terminus group and when they try to run, the four unfortunately come under fire and get herded into a corner, forced to surrender and end up locked in box car. The good news is, already in the box car, is the other part of the group, Maggie, Glenn et al. So they end up trapped but reunited nevertheless. However, it looks like they are “cattle” for the slaughter as the folks at Terminus have taken to consuming “long pig”, which, as I understand it, is what humans are called when they are viewed as food by others. Anyway, that’s where they leave us, with the return of the “old” Rick who is about to kick some serious Terminus tail. Not sure how, but it doesn’t look good for the Terminus crew. They’re in trouble. But we won’t find out how until next October when the series returns for season 5. Can’t wait. I’m already excited!

Thanks to cast and crew for another awesome and entertaining season!

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