Update to the Tiger-ized 1911s

Well, impatience got the better of me and after investing in the tools necessary to do action jobs on 1911s as instructed by my good pal, Surly Dave, I went to work on my Commander 1911. I installed an Ed Brown bobtail mainspring housing and cut and polished the frame myself. I then worked the action over but had to replace the short trigger with the original modified match trigger. This worked much better in the long run and I now have a very nice trigger breaking at 3 lbs. with no creep. It’s not the best looking thing in the world right now but it will be. Once I can get back to Surly’s place I’m hoping to be able to get a lesson on bead blasting and bead blast the slide and frame to one uniform appearance. Stay tuned for more pics!



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4 thoughts on “Update to the Tiger-ized 1911s

  1. Dun Gamblin"

    Ain’t that purty? You want to put a pic. of mine on here?

  2. Tricky Ricky

    Awesome work on the bobtail. All angles look as if the frame came factory. How is the comfort compared to before? Does it slip in your palm? Always had those questions on the bobtails.

    • wheelieg

      Hey TR! Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the kind words too. I still need to go down to my friends house and bead blast the frame so it looks a bit better. Very comfortable and no it doesn’t slip at all. Makes carrying a little bit better, not that sharp edge sticking out. I like it so far.

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