Paragon Shooting School Experience

broken-clay Well Friday was my wife’s birthday. (Happy Birthday, Sweetie!) 8 years ago for her birthday I bought her a 20 gauge over and under shotgun and an introductory lesson so we could take up the shotgun sports together. Well, my lack of interest at the time in the shotgun sports coupled with a few other issues led us to not taking up the activity after all. In retrospect I wish I had tried a bit harder but nevertheless I thought maybe the time had come to revisit the idea. I have recently established my own interest in shotgunning and approached her about the subject again. She was ok with it but I knew, at least for her, she wouldn’t feel comfortable unless she had lessons again. So after some mods to her shotgun to reduce recoil and a call to Paragon we were back in business. Eight years ago, along with her shotgun, I also got her a lesson from a Paragon instructor, a very nice lady named, Wallie. She was patient and very knowledgeable and we both had a great time and my wife learned a lot. Well fast forward to this Saturday and her lesson was scheduled with the man himself, Dan Schindler, the founder of the Paragon School. Now, not to take anything away from Wallie but Dan certified her so needless to say he was truly an exceptional instructor as you would certainly expect. He has been doing this so long that he has distilled the training program down to a very simple process. If you choose to take the course you will not be unhappy and while it was a bit pricey it was well worth it. What he teaches is not simply how to break clays.  Unlike others who mostly talk about leading targets, or this technique or that, he teaches from a whole different perspective and it’s not only worth it, it’s simple in its revolution. I think my wife is off to a great start and I think we will enjoy shooting together. What was the most remarkable part of the day was watching my wife come out of her shell so to speak, really enjoy herself and feel confident about performing well in something that only a few hours ago was unfamiliar to her. It almost brought tears to my eyes.

Dan is a very soft spoken man who is confident and obviously very knowledgeable. He is very organized and structured and if you arrive with an open mind and answer all of his questions and listen to his advice you will have a very positive experience. He leads you where you need to go to succeed and after you get there you will realize the simplicity. He takes his time, works patiently and most importantly positively. You will really feel better about your skill when you leave. He takes extra time if needed and let’s you learn at your pace as you go through the training. He is very conscientious of women and children making sure that what might be their first experience shooting or at least learning to shoot is a positive one. I was thankful that he did not use any negativity in his training as this really makes a big difference. Ultimately perhaps the best endorsement was that my wife has expressed an interest in going back to take another class to learn more! So I suppose we’ll see you in the spring Dan!

Find him here:

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