The Continuing Saga of the 1712 – And my Eleventh Silhouette Match

So, yesterday was the first silhouette match that I have shot since I got my Anschutz 1712 back. I originally was using my Vortex Viper but after sighting in the last time, I decided to switch to my Weaver T24 because the dot is larger on the reticle and I prefer that to the smaller dot in the Viper. Here it is set up accordingly: DSCN1767 Well what a difference a Boelter makes! I haven’t shot silhouette in 6 months and I come out of the gate and shoot a 31/40! I was ecstatic! Thanks again, Steve! I can really tell a difference with this rifle. I shot much better than I had in the past and was very excited.  Now, I know the old expression, “It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian” and I understand what that’s all about, but as the Indian, I have to say I really appreciate a quality arrow!  My “arrow” and I got this Saturday too. Very happy! DSCN1766

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