The Saga of the 1712

Ok, so a few months ago I posted about my new Anschutz 1712 rifle chambered in .22LR. The rifle is built on the legendary Model 54 action specifically for Silhouette Hunter class. My first range experience, however was not legendary. I test fired the rifle with 7 different types of ammunition ranging from quality target ammo to some bulk ammo which was largely tested out of frustration. Here are the results: All targets shot at 50 yds. in very favorable conditions. Most were ten shot groups but some were five if they looked horrible from the get go. I even verified the results were not likely my fault by shooting a ten shot group from my CZ Basic 513 with a fixed 4X scope.



Needless to say I was not happy. This is an expensive rifle and I went to some lengths to acquire it and I had much higher expectations of performance than I received. So, I began checking all the usual suspect issues such as the scope, rings, etc. but came up short, everything seemed ok. I knew better than to panic at this point, but I was definitely concerned. Upon returning home, I did some more careful investigation and discovered the action was not sitting straight in the stock. I thought there may have been a rise in the wood under the action so I removed the action from the stock and examined the stock intently. I found no bumps or rises at all. I returned the action to the stock thinking maybe just a removal and replacement would solve the issue but sadly, it did not. I then decided to contact the man himself, Mr. Steve Boelter, the guy who wrote the book on rimfires, literally and figuratively! He looked at the images I sent of the targets as well as the picture I took of the action in the stock and he said that definitely wasn’t the way it is supposed to be. So after some discussion over the course of a few days we hashed out a plan. Long story short, and lots of details I’m not about to take the time to type, he fixed my rifle up for me. Now, unbeknownst to me at the time of our initial conversation, Steve is the Director of Anschutz for North American Operations. Wow, did I call the right guy or what? Needless to say I was very pleased with Steve’s professionalism, which was only outdone by his excellent customer service. He was patient with me in all my questions and was very knowledgeable. He worked with me to achieve a truly fantastic result, and while I don’t know the totality of what was done I do know the totality of the result. After getting my rifle back from Steve, this is what I was able to achieve.




A very special thanks to a great guy for helping out a shooter like me. Thanks Steve, you da’ man!

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