TWD Season 5, Episode 1!

Whooooohoooooo!  We’re back and we made a big bang!  Yes season 5 episode 1 aired last night to the delight of myself and many fans all around the world.  While some may have the opinion that the zombie thing has jumped the shark, I for one could not be happier it shuffles along on it’s dead feet.

Rick’s ominous, foreboding statement that he left us with at the end of last season proved to the true.  After nearly being bled like cattle, literally, the bad boys of TWD rocked Terminus (with just little help from Carol) and turned the actual slaughterhouse into a figurative one.  After a battle of epic propoertions, leaving a trail of dead and undead dead in their wake they burned down their captors house and headed out into the woods.  Rick and Carl are reunited with Judith and a newly violent Tyrese.  And they head, this time off the tracks, into the woods and into season 5.  I’m really charged about this season, so hold on folks.  Here we go!

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2 thoughts on “TWD Season 5, Episode 1!

  1. When they left Terminus, wonder why they didn’t all take a sandwich with them to eat along the way?

    • wheelieg

      I’m not too sure. Think they were in too big a hurry. Yeah that’s it!

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