Learning the 1911 – Stippling

Long time no post.  Yeah, I know.  Between the summer activities with the family and the job transition thing, I have been right busy but once again I hope to be able to blog a little more often.  So I thought I would share a few things that I’ve been working on.  Below is the frame of a Para Expert that I did a little custom work on, specifically the stippling of the front strap.  Check out the sequence below.


Here’s the frame set up in the vice with the fixture holding it tight, safe and secure.


The outlines cut neatly with a file.


Stippling begins.  It’s a long process.


A bit blurry but the stippling is complete.  I roll it back on the frame so it disappears nicely under the grips.


The finished product.  In addition to the stippling I relieved metal from under the trigger guard, installed a short trigger, installed new grip escutcheons, polished the grip screws, performed a complete action job, fit a stainless beavertail grip safety, as well as a stainless ambi-safety, and rounded the butt of the grip.

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One thought on “Learning the 1911 – Stippling

  1. E Shain

    Still my favorite 1911. Running so smooth.

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