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TWD Season 5, Episode 1!

Whooooohoooooo!  We’re back and we made a big bang!  Yes season 5 episode 1 aired last night to the delight of myself and many fans all around the world.  While some may have the opinion that the zombie thing has jumped the shark, I for one could not be happier it shuffles along on it’s dead feet.

Rick’s ominous, foreboding statement that he left us with at the end of last season proved to the true.  After nearly being bled like cattle, literally, the bad boys of TWD rocked Terminus (with just little help from Carol) and turned the actual slaughterhouse into a figurative one.  After a battle of epic propoertions, leaving a trail of dead and undead dead in their wake they burned down their captors house and headed out into the woods.  Rick and Carl are reunited with Judith and a newly violent Tyrese.  And they head, this time off the tracks, into the woods and into season 5.  I’m really charged about this season, so hold on folks.  Here we go!

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TWD Season 4, Episode 16 – Season 4 Finale!


Well it’s over, season 4, I mean, and wow what a closer! We see the demise of Joe and company, not including Daryl of course. In the process he’s reunited with Rick, Carl and Mischone but Joe and the other guys don’t fare so well. We see the depths of depravity of which they are willing to sink, and Rick makes them pay in spectacular fashion. He bites out Joe’s throat ala Zombie style and then stabs Carl’s would be rapist until he has more holes in him than a Connect Four game board. Rick and Daryl share an important moment when Rick tells Daryl he’s his brother and the group moves on to Terminus. Now, that’s a whole other story in it self! Rick, being careful and suspicious as he often is, sneaks into the facility with the others and after suspicious introductions he cleverly spots items belonging to his old friends, Maggie, Glenn, etc. He confronts the Terminus group and when they try to run, the four unfortunately come under fire and get herded into a corner, forced to surrender and end up locked in box car. The good news is, already in the box car, is the other part of the group, Maggie, Glenn et al. So they end up trapped but reunited nevertheless. However, it looks like they are “cattle” for the slaughter as the folks at Terminus have taken to consuming “long pig”, which, as I understand it, is what humans are called when they are viewed as food by others. Anyway, that’s where they leave us, with the return of the “old” Rick who is about to kick some serious Terminus tail. Not sure how, but it doesn’t look good for the Terminus crew. They’re in trouble. But we won’t find out how until next October when the series returns for season 5. Can’t wait. I’m already excited!

Thanks to cast and crew for another awesome and entertaining season!

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TWD Season 4, Episode 15

The action picks up in this episode. We get a new view of Daryl’s group and how Joe runs the crew with an odd set of rules which sort of work. Daryl reluctantly appears to be adapting even if just for a short time. Not to mention a bit of a setup for a coming conflict between Joe and Rick. Speaking of which, we get a brief glimpse of Rick, Mischone and Carl headed to Terminus, and Rick looks like he’s healing pretty well. Glenn is relentless in his pursuit of Maggie and it invariably pays off. After entering a caved in train tunnel with Tara, and fighting off Zombies some trapped in the cave in others not, Maggie et. al., come to their rescue. The reunion is sweet and I’m sure every viewer was relieved to see them back together as I was. The group continues on to Terminus and we see a lone resident there. Frankly, I’m suspicious. I think she’s crazy, and I predict she’s a cannibal. Maybe even the one who snatched Beth. I hope not, but she ain’t right and it’s gonna be scary. One episode left! Here we go!

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TWD Season 4, Episode 14


Whoa! What an episode. So much happened here. Very intense. We spend the episode with Carol, Tyrese, and the girls. They find a nice little house back in the woods near a pond and set up a temporary residence. Things are so nice, they actually consider settling down there. But as you might expect, things don’t stay that way. Lizzie begins to unravel and a battle with some crispy walkers ensues where she finally shoots one or two. It’s after that we really get to see the depth and severity of Lizzie’s issues as they culminate in her slaying her own sister, Mika just to show that walkers can be your friend. Fortunately, Judith was spared but only because Carol and Tyrese arrived before she could do it. Tyrese and Carol are left with the awful decision of executing her and Carol sadly follows through. Throughout the episode Carol has multiple opportunities to tell Tyrese about killing Karen and David but she refrains. At the end after she has dispatched Lizzie she confesses and accepts whatever Tyrese will do. I was shocked, but he choses to forgive her. The morning comes and they head to Terminus.

It keeps getting better, only two episodes left this season!

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TWD Season 4, Episode 13

Well this certainly was a much more active episode! Essentially, Maggie is still maniacally seeking out Glenn, Bob finally lays lips on Sasha and they end up slaying some Zoms and then all head toward Terminus. We get a quick glimpse of Glenn when he reaches a Terminus sign and so essentially we now have the whole group except Daryl and Beth on their way to Terminus. Now, as for Daryl and Beth there’s some not so good news. While it looked like they were headed toward admitting some possibly romantic feelings for one another the zombies burst through the door. No doubt sent there by somebody as there were quite a few and they arrived rather suddenly. The two fight and run, only to escape to the road where Beth is kidnapped by an unknown party driving a old Cadillac. Daryl tries to pursue on foot but gives out at a three way crossroads. Now the interesting part, he is approached by the same guys that Rick encountered in the house an episode or so back. Ultimately he decides, I believe reluctantly, to join them. I hate to see this. Daryl worked so hard to overcome his past only to be sucked back to it by having to rejoin a group that would have welcomed his old brother, Merle. Hopefully, he can survive with his new persona intact and get back to the group. Hang tough DARYL! Oh yeah, and Beth too.

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TWD Season 4, Episode 12


OK. This was not the most barn burning, rip roaring episode we have seen this season or any season for that matter. I do believe, however it was a necessary episode as some important things are revealed. Additionally, it was a unique episode in that for the full hour we only track two of the main characters.

First, we see Beth, trying to come into her own and barely making it. Her quest for “a drink” is nothing more than a mission in an otherwise dull environment void of anything to do but simply survive. Daryl, saves her butt again and again by smashing zombies as only Daryl can, with golf clubs, and his crossbow. I think ultimately toward the end we see Daryl crack open a bit and let a little emotion flow, no doubt helped along by the copious amounts of moonshine he consumed. He feels responsible for the group and for things that happened and wishes he could have done something more about it. Beth tries comforting him and the two have sort of a breakthrough after a screaming match filled with emotion. We learn Daryl was doing pretty much nothing before the ZA and he may be one of the only people left in the world whose situation was actually improved by the ZA.

Normally, I don’t comment on the actors performances in these posts, just stick to recapping the events of the episode, but I think it bears mentioning here that the two actors, Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney did an excellent job. Norman in particular as he brings the anger and frustration of Daryl to light very well without cracking the character to do so.

Well done you two! Next week looks to be getting back to Maggie and crew as well as some others. Hang on folks, its about to get interesting again!

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TWD Season 4, Episode 11

Ok, so we soldier on, literally. Glenn and Tara are “voluntarily abducted” by a new character, Sgt Abraham Ford. Seems like a nice guy but when Glenn decides he’s not having any of the Sgts. “save the world” pie and embarks out on his own to try and find Maggie, the Sarge takes umbrage to the idea, fisticuffs ensue and the zombies show up. Eugene, the so called scientist, unaware of how to use a gun properly even after 18 months of the ZA, shoots up their only transportation. Now I don’t know about you but the idea that this guy is some sort of scientist doesn’t pass muster with me. The scruffy clothes, the mullet, a scientist? I’m not convinced. Keep your eye on this guy, something ain’t right. Nevertheless, zombies dispatched, vehicle destroyed, they all follow Glenn back toward Maggie. Did I mention a new latina gun totin’ hottie tagging along? Ay Carumba!

Rick takes a nap only to be awakened by a group of bandits. Hiding out, killing one and leaving him to turn helps him get away and warn Mischone and Carl before they arrive back at the house. Mischone, the new and improved version, is fast becoming besties with Carl. They scavenge their way through the little town they are in, she opens up about her past and besides some nifty canned cheese they find a suicide tomb filled with a family who chose not to ride out the ZA gleefully with a smile on their face. Ultimately, like Carol and her little group, they end up on their way to Terminus.

That about sums up this episode. Next week I believe they will revisit Beth and Daryl and maybe we’ll see Maggie, Bob and Sasha again. Or not.

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TWD Season 4, Episode 10

Paul Harvey used to say, “Now you know the rest of the story…” but I say, “now you’ve seen the rest of the group.” Daryl and Beth open the show with her recalling her journal entries from when they arrived at the prison. She’s forced to motivate Daryl as he seems lost in his grief and confusion but they move on searching for the others and yes, bad-ass Daryl wipes out some walkers. What show would be complete without? Judith is alive, carried about by one very nervous Tyrese, the girls help out but Lizzie seems to have a little issue with little rabbits and little people, we’ll see where that goes. Mika ain’t gonna make it, enough said. Judith is alive! Did I mention that? Carol re-appears and there is some initial concern as to whether or not Tyrese is going to tear her to pieces and feed her to the walkers. See she doesn’t know, if he knows, that she is the one who burned his one true love, ultimately, she keeps her calm, realizing he doesn’t know and she rejoins the group and they all head for a place called, Terminus. Where is that and what does that mean? Hmmm. Maggie hangs with Bob and Sasha and finds the bus. After emptying it of the once live, former residents of the prison recently turned zombie and realizing Glenn wasn’t among them she, well, we don’t know what happens with them next, not yet anyway. Glenn wakes up at the prison, armors up and makes a run through a horde of flesh eaters that would make a grid iron lineman proud. He finds Tara and they find some new folks, some Sgt. guy. In the words of David Essex, “Where do we go from here?” (And by the way in case I didn’t mention it, Judith is alive.)

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TWD Season 4, Episode 9 – And We’re Back!


Season 4 second half opener was last night and wow did we come back and come back hard! The prison is flaming history and done for good and the crew is separated and scattered all about. Carl gets his verbal licks in on ole’ Rick, while Rick is passed out from the now cranially challenged Governor’s beat down. Naturally, Carl does what all teens do, they wait until their parents can’t hear them then they curse them out. Carl, however, living in the zombie apocalypse decides to take it a few steps further and almost gets eaten twice but manages to escape each time then almost has to shoot Rick when he thinks he might be a zombie. There the epiphany occurs and he realizes he does in fact love his old man and would rather not be without him. Besides how could he ever win “Zombie Apocalypse Kid of the Year” if he shot his mom AND his dad. I mean come on?

We get a little insight into Mischone’s past and she ultimately realizes being alone sucks and she’d rather be hangin’ with some of the crew than out on her own again. This of course after some awesome flashbacks and serious zombie slaying on the edge of her beloved Tachi. Nope, folks I don’t think it’s a katana it’s much too large for that, looks like a Tachi war sword to me. Regardless she’s a bad ass with a blade and zombies within a four foot radius pay a serious price for their proximity. Was interesting to see her past brought out though. A son, then her lover and brother who famously appeared with her at her introduction as the two armless, jawless pet zombies on chains. Her character now shows a little humanity long absent until now. Good to see, good to see. So now that that’s out of the way, her and Rick? Hmm? Maybe? I’m thinking so. 😉


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TWD Season 4, Episode 8

WHOA! What an episode! An amazing episode for the mid-season finale! And while we bid a sorrowful farewell to our friend Herschel, we rejoice (at least I do) in the final passing of the Governor. First he and Rick have it out and just before Rick comes up short, Mischone thrusts herself into the situation (yes, pun intended) and ends the Governor’s terror filled reign with her beloved Katana which incidentally was the same instrument that ended Herschel’s life albeit wielded poorly by the Governor. Mischone leaves him to suffer, die and turn, but sweet, exploited Lilly, who has now lost Megan and finally figured out the Gov is a sleazeball can’t resist putting him down for good. I wonder if Lilly and her sister will reappear and end up joining the group? Maybe Rick and Lilly? Hmm, not sure. The group is ultimately scattered after fleeing the now defunct prison, Judith’s fate is left unknown, Daryl wasn’t happy about Carol but before he and Rick could tell the rather angry Tyrese the prison was attacked. Now what about that dissected rabbit? I’m thinking ole’ Bob is our crazy rabbit cutting, rat feeding nut job but I’m not sure. What do you think?

Maybe February will reveal it all. We’ll see!

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